2.0 Tools for Social Research


Here is a very synthetic list of links related to the course “2.0 Tools for Social Research” at the Scuola di Dottorato di ricerca in Studi comparativi ed internazionali in scienze sociali (SCISS)  of Milano-Bicocca University (an initiative of three PhD courses UrbEur, Qua_Si e Applied sociology & Methodology).

Reference Management Systems and Metrics Tools


Zotero (Reference Management System): download page, word processor plugins, word processor troubleshooting, Zotero Styles Library

- H-Index and  definitions and calculation

- Firefox add-on to calculate H-Index with Google Scholar

- IGoogle Gadget for H-Index calculation

- Worldcat, the World’s largest library catalogue

- CiteULike, a free service for managing and discovering scholarly references

- B.O.A. : Bicocca Open Archive

Data Visualization

crimes data visualization - open data

- Trulia Crime Heat Map

- Trulia Public Schools Map (NY)

- Trulia Real Estate Market Trends Map (NY)

- Tableau Software, data visualization online tools (free)

- Tableau Software, government and public data galleries

- OK Cupid data blog

- Density Design (Milano Politecnico Lab for Data Visualization)

- My Delicious Tag Boundle for Data Visualization

- They Rule: Corporations Board Members

- What a Hundred Million Calls to 311 Reveal About New York (on Wired)

- KONY2012: See How Invisible Networks Helped a Campaign Capture the World’s Attention (on Socialflow)

Digital Methos, Open Data, Digital Data


- Summer School in Digital Methods

- Winter School in Digital Methods

- Digital Tools Database

- Gephi, data and networks visualization software

- Milano Open Data

- A revew of “Beyond Wikileaks” (in Italian)

- Processing Manuals

- Centro Studi di Etnografia Digitale

- Issue Crawler

- Issue Crawler Instructions

Presentation and Collaboration Tools

Screen shot 2012-12-02 at 1.57.41 PM

- Presentation Zen

- Prezi

- A Prezi presentation on the Relativity Theory

- A Prezi presentation on Open Source and Free Culture

- Mindmister: collaborative mapping tool

- Lord of the flies on Mindmister

Sociology blogs and teaching blogs

Sociological images

Thick Culture

Teaching the social world


Graphic sociology

Sociology Lens

The sociological cinema

Giovanni Picker’s Blog

Otolab Didattica Blog

Academia Jobs RSS


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