leploop moves on

I’m glad to know that the Leploop project run by my two fellows Tonylight and Peppo Lasagna (a.k.a. Laboratorio Elettronico Popolare, L.E.P.) is moving on.

Basically, LepLoop is an hybrid of a synth, a drum machine and a multi-track sequencer. But the very interesting thing is that it’s a highly unpredictable tool that forces you to forget your traditional idea of “control” on a machine. For the ones that have been around otolab in the past 7 years (or, by the way, if you have gravitated around any hardware hacking space in the north of italy in the last 15 years) the design approach of Peppo is clearly recognizable: ultra hard engineering approach to math and electronics mixed with a bit of psychedelia drives the user to a serendipic experience into the realms of sound (and, of course, video: don’t forget the videomoog project!)

Here is an interesting review of the tool by Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle, Chris Cosey, etc).

Check it out!


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