Interview with Mark Grimes of Maker Faire Africa (upcoming)

Yesterday, together with Marco Mancuso (director of Digicult/Digimag), we have interviewed Mark Grimes on Maker Faire Africa, the international organization founded by Mark himself ( along with Emeka Okafor (TED Africa), Emer Beamer (Butterfly Works and Nairobits), Erik Hersman (Afrigadget) and Henry Barnor (Ghana Think). He has been invited in Italy by Lettera 27, as a guest in the activities of the Mantua Literature Festival.

Maker Faire Africa tries to highlight the activity of african grassroots inventors, focusing on bottom up emergence of local needs and linking technological innovation to social innovation.

I’ve followed the phenomenon in the last year, trying to understand it peculiarities in relation with other makers scenes in the US, Europe and Asia. It will be an hard work to type down 1 hour and a half of interview, but for sure it worths while. I hope we’ll be able to write the definitive article for Digimag’s October issue.

Stay tuned!


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