Some links for the pals of the Societing Summer School

A small list of the links from yesterday at the Societing Summer School in Cava dei Tirreni (plus some OT links emerged later).

Human flesh search engines

Nicola Bruno on anonimity and Internet vigilantism

Human flesh search engines: Chinese vigilantes that hunt victims on the web (The Sunday Times)

How China’s internet generation broke the silence (The Guardian)

Bruce Sterling on Wired about human flesh search engine

My articles about Milanese political change and social media (in Italian, but they’re plenty of links)

The Sucate and Red Ronnie cases during the administrative campaign in Milan

Administrative elections in Milan, guerrilla campaigns and memes

Twitter and the political change in Italy

Political memes

The original Sucate tweet

The original reply to the Sucate tweet

The original Roberto Formigoni video

The Social Formigoni video (Parody)

OT Links

Symon Reynolds’ Energy Flash (the book)

Symon Reynolds’ Energy Flash (the blog)

An interesting article about 23 and me on Digimag (genetic data social network)


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