Creative cities: ideology and urban stereotypes

Tomorrow (Friday 13rd April, h 10:15-13:15) I’ll give a lecture at the Politecnico di Milano – School of Architecture and Society, together with Sabina Barcucci. The focus of my section is on ideologies and urban stereotypes connected with the Creative City discourse (from Landry to Florida) in the wider frame of post-fordism in western urban processes (from city branding to urban entrepreneurialism). Sabina – as a designer – will give a closer look at the spatial consequences of such discourses.

The Course of Urban Sociology, run by Marianna D’Ovidio, organizes together with Lucia Parrino a series of seminars titled “Framing the urban experience: urban sociology at work”

Next seminars (in English) will be:

Friday 20th April 2012, 10:15-13:15
Is there such a thing as soft gentrification?
Giovanni Semi – Luca Gaeta

Friday 27th April 2012, 10:15-13:15

The publicness of public spaces
Sebastiano Citroni – Andrea Mubi Brighenti

Friday 11th May 2012, 10:15-13:15
Selling ethnic neighbourhoods: the rise of ethnic neighbourhoods as places of leisure and consumption
Roberta Marzorati Francesco Vietti


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