We’re on the road to Nowhere (panel)

road to nowhere digicult
This Friday (31/05/13) I’ll be at Università Ca’ Foscari Dorsoduro, Aula Baratto – Venice, from 11.30 to 13.00.
I’ll be part of a panel presented by CYLAND Media Art Lab (St Petersburg, Russia) & Centro Studi sulle Arti della Russia (CSAR) and curated and introduced by Marco Mancuso (Digicult Director), with the partecipation of Alessio Erioli, Domenico Quaranta and Valentina TanniThe meeting will focus on the possible intermedia territories related to the impact of digital technologies and open networks on contemporary art, design and society. You can read the panel introduction on Digicult.
Here is a small abstract of my speech:
Digitally based forms of production and reproduction are disrupting our consolidated ways to think at culture, art, information and science. Each of this sectors is witnessing a phase of continuous and accelerated transformation marked by an increasing of the gap between traditional, institutionalized forms of knowledge elaboration and new collaborative networking practices that are redefining the boundaries of social action. At different levels, this is affecting the notion of society as a whole, producing an increasing segmentation of meanings, common senses, systems of values, believes and behaviors. The talk will depict some of the main development paths for this trend at crossroad between culture and technology.

One thought on “We’re on the road to Nowhere (panel)

  1. Lasciato da poco venezia..vedo ora questo post. Ho parlato di questo e altri argomenti oggi a pranzo con mia nipote e i suoi compagni di universita’ – ca’ foscari e IUAV e coinquilini!
    Molto, molto interessante. Bravi! Ho subito girato a lei. Buon lavoro! Enojoy Venice. Frenetica e un po’ piovosa…tania
    Le mail ti raggiungono ovunque con BlackBerry® from Vodafone!

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