social cohesion days (reggio emilia: sharing economt e innovazione sociale)

bertram-niessen-_-reggio-emiliaOn 05/06/15 (15:30 / 17:30) I was a host at the SHARING ECONOMY AND SOCIAL COHESION DAYS.

“Bertram Niessen meets local experiences of Social Innovation. Technology and knowledge can contribute to solve economic problems which are increasingly urgent, from the scarcity of resources to unemployment. The economic and financial crisis has put into question the models of production and consumption, opening up spaces for experiments and new practices, starting from the sharing of  means of production and areas of use.
The new models outline new forms of social relations, that could be lived positively and provide an answer to the crisis of values.
In the territories are spreading practices of a different, sustainable and effective economy. The institutions have a strategic role.

The event is organized in collaboration with Reggio Emilia Innovazione, Municipality of Reggio Emilia, and AltrEconomia.

Duccio Facchini, AltrEconomia

– Francesco Bombardi, Food Innovation Program
– Bertram Niessen, researcher and artist, Università Statale di Milano
– Zoe Romano, author of “CheFuturo!”, “Digicult” and “Doppiozero”
– Valeria Montanari, Deputy Mayor for Digital agenda, participation and neighbourhood policies
– Matteo Fornaciari, Impact Hub Reggio Emilia


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