Creative Mass: Learning from Bangkok’s Fashion Markets [With Adam Arvidsson] (Abstract: Public Lecture – Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University) [En]

Eat the city! Does the fashion industry devour Milan creativity? [With Marianna D’Ovidio] ( Abstract: RC21 Conference – 9 June 2011 – Amsterdam) [En] interview about DIY Craft / Fashion Microproductions [Together with Zoe Romano – by Massimo Menichinelli / Open P2P Design] [En]

– OpenWear. Sustainability, Openness and P2P production in the world of fashion [En]. November 2010. EDUfashion research report. With Oleg Koefoed and Lise Skoev.

– The Machine that Makes the Art. FORM+CODE in art, design, architecture (with Sabina Barcucci) – Digimag 60 [It] [En]

– Mark Grimes. Maker Faire Africa: The Net Doing (with Marco Mancuso) – Digimag 58 [It] [En]

– Open peer-to-peer design. Massimo Menichinelli e il futuro partecipato – Digimag 54 [It] [En]

– Going Commercial. L’integrazione degli artisti underground a Milano e Berlino [The integration of underground artists in milan and Berlin] – UrbEur PhD Thesis, 2009. The text is the result of a three year research on the co-optation processes of electronic artists in Berlin and Milan. [It]

– “Seveso trent’anni dopo. Costruzione sociale della memoria e percezione del rischio” [It]. [Seveso thirty years later. Social construction of memory and risk perception] (2008). in “Seveso trent’anni dopo: percorsi giurisprudenziali, sociologici e di ricerca. Milano: Giuffré Editore. (Stefanizzi, Sonia, Bertram Maria Niessen, and Domingo Scisci. A cura di Pozzo, B.)”. This chapter is a result of an in-depth qualitative research on the consequences of the Seveso disaster in the daily life of the inhabitants from the point of view of social memory and perception of risk and safety. Text is in Italian.

ACRE Report “Milan city-region: Is it still competitive and charming? Pathways to creative and knowledge-based regions[En]. (by Mingione, E., E. dell’Agnese, S. Mugnano, M. d’Ovidio, B.Niessen and C. Sedini (2007). Amsterdam: AMIDSt University of Amsterdam. Here I wrote two chapters on historical developments and present day situation of innovation, creativity and knowledge of milanese metropolitan area. Text is in English.

Città creative: una rassegna critica sulla letteratura e sulle definizioni[It] (Creative cities: a critical review on literature and definitions) (2006). 3rd working paper for UrbEur PhD. Here I analyze the theory on creative cities, looking more specifically at a) the critics to the work of Richard Florida and its theory of Creative Class; b) the work of Allen J.Scott; c) the theory of Harvey Molotch. Text is in Italian and it’s released under Creative Commons.

La fiducia nelle istituzioni in Italia, Francia e Spagna. Una proposta tipologica basta sull’analisi fattoriale. [It] (Institutional trust in Italy, Spain and France, A typological proposal based on factor analysis“) (2006). 2nd working paper for UrbEur PhD. Text is in Italian and it’s released under Creative Commons.

Lupi, agnelli, etologi, sociologi. Considerazioni su un testo di etologia, ad uso dei ricercatori sociali. [It] (“Wolves, lambs, ethologists, sociologists. Some considerations on an ethology books, for social researchers”) (2006). 1st working paper for UrbEur PhD. The paper reflects on the book “Quand le loup habitera avec l’agneau” by Vinciane Despret and on some of its epistemological implications for social research. Text is in Italian and it’s released under Creative Commons.

– 2003 MA thesis “L’ascolto come dimensione attiva. Nuove prospettive nella sociologia della musica” (“Listening as an active practice. New perspectives in sociology of music”. The thesis was a reflection on social production of the meaning of music and art through the 20th century, with a special focus on the relationships among technology, samples and functions.
Text is in Italian and it’s released under Creative Commons.


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