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EDUfashion research report. interview about DIY Craft / Fashion Microproductions [Together with Zoe Romano – by Massimo Menichinelli / Open P2P Design] [En]

– OpenWear. Sustainability, Openness and P2P production in the world of fashion [En]. November 2010. EDUfashion research report. With Oleg Koefoed and Lise Skoev.

– “Seveso trent’anni dopo. Costruzione sociale della memoria e percezione del rischio” [It]. [Seveso thirty years later. Social construction of memory and risk perception] (2008). In “Seveso trent’anni dopo: percorsi giurisprudenziali, sociologici e di ricerca. Milano: Giuffré Editore. (Stefanizzi, Sonia, Bertram Maria Niessen, and Domingo Scisci. A cura di Pozzo, B.)”. This chapter is a result of an in-depth qualitative research on the consequences of the Seveso disaster in the daily life of the inhabitants from the point of view of social memory and perception of risk and safety. Text is in Italian.

ACRE Report “Milan city-region: Is it still competitive and charming? Pathways to creative and knowledge-based regions[En]. (by Mingione, E., E. dell’Agnese, S. Mugnano, M. d’Ovidio, B.Niessen and C. Sedini (2007). Amsterdam: AMIDSt University of Amsterdam. Here I wrote two chapters on historical developments and present day situation of innovation, creativity and knowledge of milanese metropolitan area. Text is in English.


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